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The Royal Manufacturers De Wit was founded in 1889. Yvan Maes De Wit, its present director, represents the fourth generation of tapestry restorers and dealers of fine antique tapestries.

The Royal Manufacturers De Wit is undeniably the leading player in the sale and purchase of tapestries in Belgium and one of the major players at international level.

Since it is also the leading restorer of antique tapestries for museums in the world, and one of the leading players for private customers, the Royal Manufacturers De Wit has been able to develop privileged relations with the greatest public and private collections and so build up an international network of enlightened customers. Lastly, the tapestries put up for sale by the Royal Manufacturers De Wit are restored by its own laboratory. Its international reputation in this area is obviously an asset and an added value highly appreciated by its potential buyers.

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Some references tapestries sold to museums:

  • - Musées royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Bruxelles,
    Diane et Endymion,
    Paris, pré-Gobelins, atelier Coomans et Van der Plancken, début XVIIéme siècle
  • - Mobilier national, Manufacture nationale des Gobelins, Paris
    Charlemagne de la tenture des « Rois de France »,
    Paris, pré-Gobelins, atelier du Faubourg St Marcel, début XVIIéme siècle
  • - Monuments Historiques, Paris (Caisse nationales des…, pour le Château de Talcy)
    Paris, pré-Gobelins, atelier du Faubourg St Marcel, milieu du XVIIéme siècle
  • - Rijksmuseum d'Amsterdam
    L'incendie de Persépolis de « l'Histoire d'Alexandre le Grand »
    Delft, atelier Spiering, d'après K. Van Mander, milieu du XVIIéme siècle
  • -Metropolitan Museum de New York
    La Fama
    Bruxelles, 1504, ancienne collection d'Isabelle la Catholique, en collaboration avec B. Blondeel
  • - Getty Museum, Los Angeles
    Combat d'animaux de la tenture des « Nouvelles Indes »
    Gobelins, d'après F. Desportes, milieu du XVIIIème siècle

Antiques Fair

The Royal Manufacturers De Wit participates in the BRAFA and antiques fair in Belgium from 21 to 30 January 2011 on the site of Tour & Taxis, Brussels.

The other services of the Royal Manufacturers De Wit


Yvan Maes De Wit is a member of the Belgian Chamber of Experts in art, specializing in tapestries, and was appointed expert by the courts of Brussels. He has made expertise to various museums such as the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in Munich and the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

His colleagues An Volckaert and Paul Michielssen, graduate in art history are also specializing in tapestries.

For its historical and iconographic research, the Royal Manufacturers De Wit has a specialized library and a computerized database. All images in this library are digitized, described and indexed by computer through multiple search keys. The database lists a total of over 14 000 tapestries.

Placement of tapestries

The Royal Manufacturers De Wit can take care of placing tapestries in private or public places or in places especially difficult. For example, the Manufacture has assured the stall and hanging in New York in the great hall of the UN and more than 20 m high, the world's largest tapestry (woven before 1970) .

technical Analysis

In addition to historical and iconographic analysis, the Royal Manufacturers De Wit can perform technical analysis:

  • * of fibers
  • * of dyes
  • * of metal thread.

Photo Shoot

The Royal Manufacturers De Wit can make shots:

  • * Ektachrome in large format 20 x 25 cm or 4 x 5 inches
  • * 20 million digital pixels
  • * in macro photography.