Since 1889, De Wit Royal Manufacturers has been specialising in the conservation/restoration of tapestries.
Over the last 25 years, the world’s largest tapestry conservation campaigns have been entrusted to De Wit. The five largest museums and the major private collections entrust De Wit with their most prestigious pieces (see list of references).
This global leadership position is explained by the unique infrastructure available to it, by the technical innovations it has developed and by its team of ultra-specialised and highly experienced restorers.

Cleaning of antique tapestries and textiles

De Wit Royal Manufacturers patented its aerosol suction cleaning method over 25 years ago. This suction process established itself throughout the museum world as the benchmark method for the cleaning of antique fabrics.
The most prized tapestries recently cleaned were cleaned according to this method (The Lady and the Unicorn from the Musée de Cluny in Paris, Los Honores and Los Paños de Oro from the Patrimonio Nacional, Spain, Le Dais (“Throne”) tapestry of Charles VII from the Louvre Museum and many others).
This method is also the most effective in removing dirt while precluding any risk of bleeding, deformation and harmful mechanical actions.

Conservation-restoration of tapestries

De Wit Royal Manufacturers is proficient in all the aspects of conventional restoration and its reputation as such goes back over 125 years. Its team of restorers includes weavers skilled in low-warp weaving according to age-old methods.
Today, it is at the forefront in promoting modern conservation techniques that optimise reversibility. De Wit has developed new consolidation, visual integration and lining methods and processes for this purpose and these techniques have been endorsed by the world’s greatest museums.
This state-of-the art technology ensures the material sustainability of the work but also enhances its aesthetics.

Other fields of expertise

Whether it is in the area of historical and iconographic analysis, valuation, maintenance, hanging and removing, storage, purchase and sale, all the services related to this special type of work of art can be provided by one single firm: De Wit Royal Manufacturers. De Wit will be your key partner in enhancing your heritage with due respect for the integrity of the work.