The Royal Manufacturers De Wit is undeniably the leading player in the sale and purchase of tapestries in Belgium and one of the major players at international level. Since it is also the leading restorer of antique tapestries for museums in the world, and one of the leading players for private customers, the Royal Manufacturers De Wit has been able to develop privileged relations with the greatest public and private collections and so build up an international network of enlightened customers. Lastly, the tapestries put up for sale by the Royal Manufacturers De Wit are restored by its own laboratory. Its international reputation in this area is obviously an asset and an added value highly appreciated by its potential buyers.

A Tree of Life

Southern Netherlands,
probably mid-sixteenth century
Wool and silk
335 x 431 cm (131 ⁷/₈ x 169 ³/₄ inches)

La licorne passe sur la mer

After Charles Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, called Le Corbusier (1887-1965) 
Aubusson, Pinton workshop, 1962 
Signed “L-C” bottom center, the monogram “PF” (Pinton Frères) bottom right
Pinton workshop bolduc with: "La Licorne 3/4-1962 signature Le Corbusier
213 x 270 cm (83 ⁷/₈ x 106 ¹/₄ in) 

The Month of April, the Sign of the Bull from the Lucas Months Series

After Bernard van Orley
Reissued by the Manufacture royale des Gobelins
workshop of Michel Audran
Wool and silk
376 x 338 cm (148 x 133 ¹/₈ inches)

Fox and Hare on a Floral Ground

Southern Netherlands, possibly Sint- Truiden (Saint Trond)
Second quarter of the 16th century
Wool and silk
103 x 236 cm (40 ¹/₂ x 92 ⁷/₈ inches)

Madonna with Jesus and Saint John the Baptist, children, and two angels

Tapestry woven in haute lisse (vertical warp)
Pierre Lefebvre, Italian name Pietro Févère (Paris ?, 1594 - Florence, 1669), 1618-1619, attr.
After an unknown painting by Francesco Salviati or his circle, attr.
Weft: wool, silk, gold and silver; warp: 20/21 threads per cm
Dimensions 28 x 21.5 cm (11.0 x 8.5 inch)


Victor Vasarely (1906-1997)
Aubusson tapestry, Workshop Tabard frères et sœurs. Third edition of four, 1965.
Signed lower right VASARELY, with the monogram of the Tabard workshop above. The bolduc on the reverse side (n° 1184)
235 x 225 cm.

Bacchus or Autumn

from the series Portières des Dieux
Paris, Manufacture des Gobelins, 1700-1736 and 1771-1789
Design by Claude III Audran (1658-1734)
Wool, silk and silver thread
228 x 204 cm

The Marriage of Paris and Oinone

Southern Netherlands
late 16th century
wool and silk
246 x 238 cm (96 ⁷/₈ x 93 ³/₄ inches)


Richard Mortensen (1910-1993)
Aubusson, Atelier Tabard, 1963, woven once
Wool, 288 x 234 cm
288 x 234 cm (113 ³/₈ x 92 ¹/₈ inches)
Provenance: collection Denise René.

Millefleurs with Medallion

Bruges, circa 1550
Wool and silk
104 x 177 cm (41 x 69 ³/₄ inches)


Richard Mortensen (1910-1993)
Aubusson, Atelier Tabard, 1963, woven twice
165 x 155 cm (65 x 61 inches)
Provenance: collection Denise René


Two fragments of a tapestry border
Paris, Manufacture des Gobelins, early 18th century
Wool, silk and silver thread
40 x 69 cm (15 ³/₄ x 27 ¹/₈ inches)

Landscape Verdure with the Game of the Goose

Southern Netherlands, probably Oudenaarde
Second half of 16th century
Wool and silk
267 x 559 cm (105 ¹/₈ x 220 ¹/₈ inches)

Shepherds at Rest

Southern Netherlands, probably Tournai Late 15th – early 16th century
258 x 200 cm

Serpent Pressé

Aubusson, Pinton workshop. Exemplaire d’Artiste (Artist’s Proof).
Signed lower right Calder; with the Ateliers Pinton (FP) mark lower left.
On the reverse the bolduc of the Pinton Workshops and the woven mark "EX A" for "Exemplaire d'Artiste".
179 x 263 cm.

Armorial Tapestry of the Rosenberg & Hörwath Families

Southern Netherlands, probably Enghien, 1525-1550 Wool and silk
250 x 243 cm

The Adoration of the Magi

Probably Tournai, first quarter of the 16th century Wool and silk
401 x 327 cm


Southern Netherlands, possibly Brussels
late 16th century
Wool and silk
228 x 257 cm

Aube de nuit

Jean Lurçat (1892-1966). Woven twice only. Unpublished tapestry.
Aubusson, Tabard workshop
circa 1950.
The monogram of the Tabard workshop and the signature of Lurçat woven in the lower right corner, the bolduc of the Tabard workshop sewn on the back,
147 cm x 290 cm.

The Herdsmen (fragment)

workshops of La Marche
first half of the 16th century
182 x 171 cm


Published by CAC Publications, USA, 1975.
Nicaraguan hand-woven cotton, jacaranda, galvanised steel.
Dated and monogrammed "75 CA" [for 1975 Alexander Calder] on one side, numbered "30" [30/100] on the other.
3.05 x 1.12 m (120 x 44 in.).

Hercules with Astrolabe

attr. to Brussels
wool and silk
221 cm x 230 cm

Hunt with Diana and Actaeon

ca 1625
wool and silk
H. 335 cm x W 492 cm
published in "Bruges et la Tapisserie", 1987, p. 321-329

La Courbe Grise

After Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979)
Aubusson, Pinton workshops, circa 1970-72
Signed Sonia Delaunay lower right, Pinton workshops monogram lower left; Pinton workshops bolduc sewn on the reverse, with "La Courbe Grise", "In order of J. Damase" and "6/6"
Wool, 184 x 135 cm (72.4 x 53.2 inch)

The Offering to the God Pan from the Grotesque Hanging

After models by Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (1636-1699)
Manufacture royale de Beauvais, ca. 1690-1730
Wool and silk, 286 x 334 cm (112.6 x 131.5 inch).

The Adoration of the Magi

Parisian tapestry
circa 1530
Wool and silk
138 x 176 cm

Landscape with pergola and elk

Southern Netherlands, probably Oudenaarde
wool and silk
306,1 x 251,5 cm

Verdure à la la licorne et au renard

Southern Netherlands
17th century
Wool and silk
292 x 332 cm (115" x 130 ³/₄" inches)

La reine de Saba

Late 16th century
Wool and silk 
234 x 180 cm

Large Leaf Verdure with Pergola

Mid 16th Century
346 x 260 cm (136 ¹/₄ x 102 ³/₈ inches)
Oudenaarde, southern Netherlands 

Cupido en Psyche

Michiel Coxcie ?
Tweede kwart 16de eeuw
Zijde, wol
274 x 312 cm (107 ⁷/₈ x 122 ⁷/₈ inches)

Het Huwelijksfeest naar Teniers

medio 18de eeuw
wol en zijde
258 x 344 cm (101 ⁵/₈ x 135 ³/₈ inches)

Grootbladige verdure met balustrade, griffoen en ree

Zuidelijke Nederlanden
midden 16de eeuw
wol en zijde
297 x 347 cm (116 ⁷/₈" x 136 ⁵/₈" inches)

Fortuna en de allegorie van de lente

Beauvais (?)
17de eeuw
wol en zijde
284 x 145 cm (111 ³/₄ x 57 ¹/₈ inches)

Rust tijdens de jacht

wol en zijde, 8 kettingdraden/cm
300 x 290 cm (118 ¹/₈ x 114 ¹/₈ inches)
Herkomst: Collectie Albert Frère



Mid 18th century 
Wool and silk
252 x 402 cm

Triumph of Flora

After Jan van Orley and Augustin Coppens
Mid 18th century
Wool and silk
295 x 293 cm

Ceres, allegory of the summer

Northern Europe, maybe Germany
Early 18th century
Wool and silk
263 x 226 cm 

Scène de jardin à galeries

Centre de tissage: Enghien (marque de la ville coin supérieur droit)
matériaux: laine et soie
Premier quart XVIIe
360 x 271 cm (141 ³/₄ x 106 ³/₄ inches)


Victor Vasarely
Weaving Center: Aubusson
Workshop: Pinton 
Edition of 6
Material: wool
196 x 198 cm (77 ¹/₈ x 78 inches)

The offer to Janus

Royal Manufacturers of Beauvais
ca 1690
wool and silk
276 x 272 cm

Winter Scene

after David II Teniers
Brussels workshop
early 18th Century
wool and silk

the Return from the chase

1st half 18th century
wool and silk
291 cm x 290 cm

Backgammon players

After David Teniers II or III Lille, workshop of Guillaume Werniers (+1738)
ca 1720
wool, silk
291 x 220 cm

Peasants meal

after David Teniers II ou III
Madrid, workshops Santa Barbara (?),
second quarter 18th Century
wool, silk
216 x 327 cm

Months of March and April

from the series with "the Months of Lucas"
after 16th Century designs by Lucas van Nevele
Brussels, city mark
workshop Marcus De Vos (+1697) (signature)
ca. 1660
wool and silk
312 cm x 355 cm

Les enfants jardiniers

early 18th Century
after Charles Lebrun (1619-1690)
wool and silk
286 x 390 cm

The Flute Player

suite: Noble pastorale
cartoons by François Boucher (1703-1770)
Manufacture royale de Beauvais
after 1755
wool and silk
215 cm x 200 cm

The Battle of Arbella

From the series with 'History of Alexander the Great'
after Charles Le Brun (1619-1690)
Brussels, workshop Judocus De Vos
ca. 1700
wool and silk
H: 420 cm x W: 660 cm

Exotic Landscape after Pillement

2nd quarter 18th C
wool and silk
H. 293 cm x W. 434 cm

Exotic Landscape with Pagoda

Aubusson (signed MRDAUBUSSON)
non-identified workshop's signature
2nd half 18th Century
wool and silk
H. 245 cm x W. 510 cm

Sheep Shearers (fragment)

"The Month of June"
from the series "The Months of Lucas"
after 16th C designs by Lucas de Nevele
Paris, Royal Manufacturers of Gobelins
ca. 1730
wool and silk
H. 241 cm x W. 228 cm

Landscape with a Pond

Paris (Pré-Gobelins)
ca. 1630
wool and silk
H. 314 cm x W. 554 cm

Eurydice bitten by a snake

series: Ovid's Metamorphoses
probably Brussels
ca. 1700
wool and silk
H. 313 cm x W. 446 cm
Provenance: European royal collection

Landscape with Fountain

Brussels (town mark)
workshop Hendrik II Reydams (signed H. REYDAMS)
before 1719
wool and silk
H. 340 cm x W 488 cm
Illustrated in: Flemish Tapestries, 1999, p.314-315

Rooster Fight

attr. to Marc or Judocus De Vos
wool and silk
H 327 cm x 320 cm

the Fountain of love

from the series with “Noble pastorale”
after François Boucher (1703-1770)
Royal manufacturers of Beauvais
after 1755
wool and silk
H. 253cm x B. 262 cm

Diogenes and Alexandre The Great

after Salvator Rosa (1615-1673)
ca. 1690
wool and silk
H. 310 x 322 cm

The Cardplayers, after Teniers

Lille (City Mark)
Workshop LA V(euve) DE G(uillaume) W(erniers) (signature)
after David II or III Teniers
after 1738 (decease of Guillaume Werniers)
wool and silk
294 x 478 cm
Provenance: European Princely Collection

Upholstery Panel for a Settee, depicting Psyché

Royal manufacturers of Beauvais or Paris’ Gobelins workshops
early 18th century
Wool and silk
frame: H. 101 x W. 204,5 cm
textile: H. 75 x W. 180 cm

Zephyr Crowning Flora

from the series of Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Paris, Gobelins, about 1740
after Louis de Boullogne (1654-1733)
wool and silk
319 x 275 cm

Diana’s Bath

From the series “Ovid’s Metamorphoses”
Brussels (town mark in lower guard), 1675-1700
Workshop Albert Auwercx (weaver’s mark in folded lower guard)
Probably after cartoons by Louis van Schoor
Wool and silk, 330 x 380 cm